This license was obsoleted on 2005-03-03 by a newer version, which is readable here
I. Preface

This work is provided under the terms of this licence. The work is
protected by copyright and/or other applicable law. Any use of the work
other than as authorized under this licence or copyright law is
prohibited. This work also includes code from ROM (rom.license), DIKU
(license.doc) and Merc (license.txt).  By using, modifying or
redistributing this code you indicate your acceptance of all of these
licences and agree to be bound by them. Any breach of these licences will
terminate your right to use, modify or redistribute this work immediately.

II. Use and modification 

You are free to use or modify this code in any way you want with the
following conditions:

   a.  You must register with the owners of this license by sending an
       e-mail including your name and the IP-address of the machine on 
       which you wish to operate to You may 
       register more than one IP-address, but each IP address will result
       in a separate unique User-ID.  You must also include a valid mailing
       address.  It is to this address that your user-ID will be sent.

   b.  Use of this sourcecode implies understanding that failure to comply
       with IIa, above, will potentially result in loss of sourcecode.

   c.  The login message to your mud must contain, in addition to the
       strictures placed by ROM, the following line within the first 24
       lines of text, not to be scrolled past during the login process,
       and readable by all players, during each connection:
		Inq 2.5 Copyright 1999 - 2004 Tamara Boileau
       Additionally, the helpfile "inquisition" must remain in its
       entirety, and must be flagged as KEY within the hedit code (as it
       is by default with this release).

   d.  Periodically, it may be necessary for un update to the binary-only
       code portions be distributed to authorized users.  Failure to implement
       the new binary code may result in an inability to boot the code
       until the new binary is applied.

   e.  The binary code included with this distribution remains the sole
       property of the OWNER (, and may not be
       circumvented, altered, or reverse-engineered.  Attempts to do so will
       potentially result in loss of licensing or sourcecode.

   f.  This license is meant to be durable; it may be altered in the future
       by the OWNER (, and will immediately be
       applicable to all versions.  Changes to this license will be distributed
       with the binary updates.

   g.  The binary code will write two playerfiles to the player directory,
       Robbert and Tamara.  These files are not to be modified, and inability
       for us to log-in as those characters will result in the removal of 
       authorization of your game from our database.  These are level 101
       immortals, and will be visible to all immortals when they login.

III. Release and Redistribution

   a.  Distribution of the sourcecode is acceptable, but subsequent users
       must satisfy the terms of (IIa), above, in order to legally utilize
       this code.

   b.  You may not release subportions of this code, nor distribute them,
       without including the header at the top of each respective file with
       that subportion.  Use of all, some, or part of this code binds you
       to this license, and you must meet the tenets of part II, above.  At
       a minimum, use of any portion of this codebase within another will
       require compliance with IIc, above.  (The inclusion of an INQUISITION
       helpfile and the copyright line on the login screen.)

   c.  This license is binding.  You must include this license and the other
       licenses as mentioned in the Preface intact and unmodified in their
       original files.  You may not change, remove, or relocate any of these
       licenses, warranties, or copyright notices.